Saturday, December 09, 2006

I think I'm going to be ill.

A new policy is going into effect May 1st, that is the last day that singles can log in a dossier.

My 12-05-05 dossier is just fine, I'll be traveling to China probably in the summer.

But it totally kills off my second child.

Here is a crazy thought, put some money into the orphanages so they can get their kids ready for international adoption. Clear them out, let them collect the fees so they can take care of the un-adoptable children. Why would you want an institution full of children without families?

I am adding a week to my adoption trip. I'll be staying in Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. I think I just want to try to understand the people that she'll be coming from. Now that she won't have a Chinese sister, I'll need to focus more on how I can help her thrive in a white area. I think learning of the history and spending time with the people will help with that.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response on my blog. I know this rumor is more than likely true. As the day has progressed, more and more agencies have posted it on their websites...Childrens Hope International for one...nothing on Great Wall as I've seen. With CHI announcing it, it brings me to believe that it could be true. But, the same thing happened in Sept. We heard rumors and some agencies did announce on their web sites but the rumors were not true. I don't know. I'm just kinda holding my breathe. I shouldn't be effected by it but I'm just thinking about all those that will be. I'm holding my breathe for them.

Kim (the one in Memphis :) )

Kris said...

Kim... thanks for visiting my blog... I wouldn't yet give up on a Chinese sister for your first girl... China could change again, they seem to do that periodically. Something is telling me this will not be a permanent change, and that once they get "caught up" (in 2-3 years) they may re-open this door. I hope so.
I'll be following your journey and look forward to browsing the rest of your site.