Monday, March 01, 2010


She rocked gymnastics tonight! They did a lot of stretching and she was way more limber than all the other kids. She also followed instructions WAY better than everyone else. She jumped just a little bit on the floor tramp, I don't think she liked it.


I'm messing with my camera. I look up. My child is STANDING ON HER HEAD. Then she sort of flips forward. I'm thinking - wow!- world record! Broken neck 20 minutes into first class. But nope, she just knocked her headband sideways. I've asked her not to do that anymore. She was mimicking the much older girls across the room!

She could already so all the bends, splits, rolls and jumps. She didn't play on the bars a lot and I'm not sure why. She loves pulling up and swinging on stuff (me). She also did very well on the balance bar and wasn't scared at all. I will see if the gymnastics thing continues - if so I'll get her a balance beam for the playroom (and put it on the floor).

One thing I noticed that she did, that the other kids didn't do at all, was constantly point her toes. She also walks and prances on them. I don't know if I've just not noticed this because she's wearing shoes or if she was mimicking the floor routine girls.

I am anxious to see what she does next week :) She just wants to wear a pink sparkle headband!

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Wendy said...

You better start saving your money -- sounds like she's a natural!!!!