Sunday, March 28, 2010


Ready to GO! (in my favorite summer outfit, hippos!)

Waiting patiently for her tram.

My child could live off of pickles.

Dolly was there. There are some very scary looking people there :)

On the zebra (I am going to get a picture of her on all the animals this summer!)

On Rosa! (she loves to name things)

On Flowery (I love it when the names make sense!)

On the pig

(No picture of the rollar coaster that I rode with my child TWICE. I get like super duper bonus mommy points for that. Little daredevil loved it.)

On the elephant, that is 2 times faster than Dumbo. Um yikes. We call this Dumbo's cousin.

Osa Dality the duck (not all names make sense) . Feverlla is the duck behind her. Beverty is wearing the the green shirt.

Riding Juju-ja Canada. Can you tell she sits on my lap when I do updates? Tell them this, tell them that - what a stink!

Check out what I won in the giant crane game! Yay me! The pink one was $12 LOL BUT the yellow one was $2 woot! lol They are 2 feet tall. They let us take our season pass picture with them lol

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