Tuesday, April 13, 2010

We are still here

(splits on the back of the sofa)

Not a lot going on.
  • still tearing up the kitchen
  • still going to work
  • still going to gymnastics
  • sold the condo, closes in 2 weeks
  • pretty sure I've sold the truck
  • pretty sure I've sold the camaro
  • that just leaves my big house and I am getting a lot of interest in it so I'm not upset it hasn't sold. It will be soon.
  • I am trying to catch up on 18 months of neglect on the little house. Lots of yardwork to do, lots of crap to get rid of. I pressure washed everything, that made a big difference. Not only is the kitchen getting redone, I am having the last of the plumbing redone. I also also getting a new roof and getting the 2nd driveway resurfaced. I am also adding a little concrete walkway from the 2nd driveway to the front porch. I should have money leftover to remove the sliding basement door and replacing it with a steel door and concrete block wall. And really,I should have money left over to redo the wiring in the basement and start sub diving the area into rooms for future expansion. My budget is 10K, it will be interesting to see how far that will go.
  • we had a candy free Easter. It really can be done! The eggs have quarters & stickers in them.
She cried when she saw the videos which made me cry. She slapped those little hands to her face and was like "it's just what I've ALWAYS wanted!" then did a rather good soap opera sob fest. I should hide presents in her bed more often!

I think that is it for now. We leave for vacation in like 3 weeks!

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K said...

Do you have pictures of your little house posted anywhere?

I've not been doing anything major to my house, just the small niggling stuff that adds up, like trying to empty the last boxes that never got unpacked. Putting a new shelf in the laundry room to get everything on the floor that I trip over, off the floor, and organizing the downstairs kitchen drawers so that the counters can be cleared. I'm about to hit one year in this place and I'm no where near where I'd hoped to be by now.

However, I still love my new Toto toilets!