Saturday, March 06, 2010

End of Day One

Crazy how this took like 4 hours to do. I brought two more cabinets from my Mom's tonight so after I get my saw from the big house tomorrow, I'll have more to hang. I have to cut down a corner cabinet, the kind that has a blind corner, to a regular single cabinet. Let's hope I can get it halfway straight.

So tomorrow, the plan is...
Open house for the big house
cut down a cabinet to a single and hang it
scrape the stucco wall above the fridge to make it flat
hang the cabinet above the fridge and put the fridge back where it belongs
wire the outlet
patch the big holes
put another layer of stucco on the wall

Then all I need to do is decide on a counter top (the green one was the previous owner) and a paint color. I'll also need to do the stove outlet thing. Oh ya, and stain the side of the cabinet that you see in the picture. What a PITA.

(I've edited this post 3 times now. I also have to put up the crown molding!)

I'm pooped! And I have two more days to work on this stuff. Yuck


Chani's Bow Making Mama said...

Kim, I am in total awe with watching you do all of these projects yourself. I'd never be able to pull off a tiny fraction of what you're doing. Great job!!

6kids4me said...

I agree with the first commenter, WOW!!!!!