Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Day Three - I mean oops - Four

I didn't get to any kitchen work on day three. We were running around town on errand after errand, it was crazy.

Tonight I put the cut up cabinet on the wall. It probably looks fine but I can pick out all the places I messed it up. The hardest cabinet to put up is the one after the fridge, it is SO HEAVY! I pulled the fridge out and got the temp screws in there but my arms just can't handle any more. So I'll put the permanent ones in there tomorrow hopefully. I rolled the fridge back to catch it if it falls lol

My plans for tomorrow are to visit THD, get drywall anchor screws and a drywall mesh thingy. The cabinets had TWO screws holding them up at their previous house. I am way more paranoid than that. Not only do I have at least 4 screws on the studs I am going to add a few drywall anchor screws too. If I ever want to replace these cabinets, the drywall will have to come out hehe

I am happy to say the fridge cabinet is the last one for this side. I'll have to make something for the area to the left of the stove. And on the other side I'll only have to hang two cabinets and only ONE will be cut! YAY!


bajones said...

One reason I hate do-it-myself projects is because when I'm done there are always tiny flaws that no one can see but me and I can't see anything but those tiny flaws (tiny bubbles in wallpaper suck). Your kitchen looks fantastic and you should be preening with pride over doing this amazing job!!!

Kim said...

Lol thanks, I need you here, cheering me on!

K said...

This sure looks like a lot of work. It makes hanging my microwave look like nothing.

Next time you need to make a straight cut, take a straight board and nail it to the part getting cut off like a ruler and place your saw against so it becomes a guide.

Kim said...

K- that is a fantastic idea, I wish I had done that.

I have a microwave to hang too, I might be emailing you lol