Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick Post

We are still here. This is the update bullet style!

  • I have a buyer for the condo. She is looking into her financing options tomorrow.
  • I have all my cabinets and appliances from the woman I bought them from now (it was three truckloads - yikes!).
  • I still do not have my electrical done on the stove side. I have to wire the stove cord because THEY TOOK IT OFF. Yep. Nice huh?
  • I took down one of the two wall cabinets on the sink side and was ecstatic to find normal plain drywall! WOOT!
  • I am going to build granite tile countertops. That will take my 1940's kitchen to at least 1998!

  • She rocks gymnastics!
  • She can do a backbend for a little bit then she loses her balance.
  • She can balance on the bars on her belly and swing just a bit.
  • She can do full splits and lay her belly down on the floor. No other kid is close to being able to do that.
  • She still does not like the floor tramp so I am going to buy her a mini tramp.

  • I am ready for vacation.
  • We are going to the adoption event in Pigeon Forge in July. Anyone else going?


chinamom said...

You are inspiring me to restart my home improvement projects! I think I burned myself out the first 6 monhts I was here and then took an extended break! Now I'm ready to break up the ulgy tile in the basement entry way and pull out a wetsaw and trowel to lay down some new tile!


Tricia Thompson said...

Glad you are still around Kim! I was wondering if the kitchen ate you up? Good to read what is going on in you and Natalie's lives. Come to think of it, I haven't blogged in a few days either. LOL