Sunday, March 07, 2010

End of Day Two

This is how my day went:

7am - mama, wake up! (nooooooooooooooooooooooo)
mubble around the house until 10am when Nana picked her up so I could work (she doesn't like saws/sanders/drills)
10-12 back in bed - oh yes I did!
12-4 got ready for my open house. One guy showed and was very pleasant. I spent the time mostly cleaning my car.
4:30 - make my first cabinet cut. Crooked.
4:33 - cry
4:35 - make my second cabinet cut. Crooked.
4:37 - cry. get a beer. play games online
5:00 - try to even out the cuts - it is looking better
5:02 - cut through a nail or something and the entire cabinet falls apart
5:03 - learn exactly how cabinets are put together - sand/cut and mess with cabinet
6:00 - mom picks me up at we go to THD to look at countertops. I buy glue. A BIG BOTTLE of glue.
7:00 - we go to Lowes. I find a granite tile for $3.48 a tile and I am thinking about doing granite tile counter tops. It is cheaper overall than laminate and I think would look better. Lowes would do the cuts for me and I wouldn't even have to rent the saw.
7:30 eat dinner
8:30 - back home. I cut and sand that cabinet. I nail and glue that sucker back together. I am a little worried. I bypassed the regular gorilla glue for wood gorilla glue. The fact the glue smells and felt like elmers doesn't give me a ton of confidence in it. I guess we'll see if it works.

So this one little cabinet is all I did today. I really did think I'd be done with that side by the end of tomorrow. Now there is NO WAY. I still need to sand the trim at the top and bottom so it will fit flush. (flush-ish, my walls aren't straight)

And what I cut off (plus a mound of sawdust)
To non-kitchen to do list tomorrow is a mile long. So my kitchen goals are to buy small drill bits, reinforce this cabinet (because I took a big chunk out of it inside), hang it, and hang the other cabinet. That's it. Anything else is gravy.

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