Saturday, March 06, 2010

Day One of Three

Linoleum is gone. Concrete for under the cabinets is finally dry. The soffit mounting wood strips are gone too. I knocked a new hole in the ceiling. Oops.

Wall primed. Big difference huh?

After the primer is dry, I'll hang the first cabinet. Then I'll hang the second one that goes above the built in microwave. There is an outlet hole in that cabinet for the microwave plug. So I'll cut the drywall (and after a trip to THD) I'll put in the plug in a floating receptacle box (I think I said that right). It is a nifty little box that grabs the drywall so you don't have to screw it to a stud.

Then I'll drill a hole in the stud that is to the left of the huge rectangular hole to pull the wire through. That wire will connect into a regular outlet. Then the wire will go through the hole in the floor to to live in the basement until I have time to tack it to the joists and connect it to a breaker.

The rest of my cabinets are at my Mom's so I won't be able to hang any more today. But I'll mark the wall where the other two will be hung. Then I'll start stuccoing the walls and fixing the 3 big holes in the ceiling.

I hope to get all of this done today.

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