Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shopping Spree

I did try to do a budget for the year. But it didn't work out. I'm a junk store, thrift shop, yard sale, consignment junkie!

First, Big Lots has several styles of real Crocs marked at $10. I bought Natalie one pair in purple, one in turquoise. Yay!

Her purple is darker and prettier!

Second, hit up the big consignment sale tonight. Look what I scored!

(I know, if you don't cloth diapers you are like what the heck? Tie Dye diapers! Love em! )

I also got a swimsuit with the built in floaties, 2 Little Einstein DVDs (Easter basket!), 2 Dora DVDs and an Elmo DVD. I got $80 worth of movies for $18. YAY I also got a cute disney skirt for the kiddo.

Then I hit up the $1 tag sale at my consignment store. I am buying up to size 6X right now. They had 18 pieces of clothing from 4T-6X in winter styles. Lots of gymbo! I have all her clothes for next winter now. Anything else I find between now and next year is just gravy.

I got Natalie 5 leotards at the consignment store. The purple long sleeved was $3, the two tank (she picked out that leopard one instead of mama's favorite blue one) ones were $2.50 and another short sleeved one not pictures (green and purple) and long sleeved fuzzy pink were just $1 each. Fancy leotards can cost $30! eeck! (BTW, have I mentioned how much my child rocks gymnastics? lol I'm so excited because she's so stinkin good!). I think these will last a couple of years, she is an XXS now and the largest one is a small.
Bye for now!

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