Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disney Store Deal of the Week

I have a $15 store credit and $25 GC for the Disney store burning a hole in my pocket big time. So I've been surfing the outlet section!

You can get this cute purple coat for $14.99 right now. Sizes XXS-M. I don't have Natalie's coat for next year, I think I am going to order this one. They also have a pink & silver version of it. Go to the outlet and filter it by girl's clothes.

You all know I stockpile clothes for future winter/summers. I am surprised I DON'T have N's clothes already for next winter. I have like 8 pairs of jeans but only a couple of tops. They have all kinds of hoodies for $12 and tops for under $10. So for about $100, I could totally rock out Natalie's wardrobe - Disney style! OOOHH THE TEMPTATION! lol

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