Friday, February 19, 2010

Cheap or smart?


My kitchen is a wreak. It has old cabinets, old counters and old appliances. The only thing I love about my kitchen is the sink. It is white porcelain and deep, I love it. But anyway, I did a mini makeover when I bought the house. I took the linoleum off the walls (yes, the walls) and put down concrete board and tile on the floor (which I really hate now). I also kilz and painted the cabinets big time. They went from orange aged sticky yuck to nice and white. The only problem, the cabinets were beat all to heck and the white paint didn't hide that. I have wobble doors that drive me nuts too. Since the cabinets were "custom built" they don't have backs, just the drywall. Even though I painted the drywall (and you couldn't really see it), the incomplete look of my base cabinets always bothered me.


Today I bought kitchen cabinets, a stove and a built in microwave.

All used.

A woman my Mom works with is totally gutting her kitchen and knocking out walls. She took out her 6 year old oak cabinets and all her appliances and is selling them at firesale prices.

For base cabinets, I got a single, a double, a triple, a sink and a fancy corner one. For the walls, I got a single, 2 doubles, a triple, the over the fridge one and the over the range one. They come with matching crown molding. The stove is a Kenmore in white, self cleaning. The microwave is just a year old, can't remember the brand.

These cabinets do not match up exactly to the configuration that I have now. I wanted more open space on the stove side so I might not use all the wall cabinets. I think I'll have to cut the triple down to a double. I really want a wall mounted pot rack so I can display my good pots. And I want a shelf I can grown herbs on.

So I paid $600 for all of this (the appliances were $665 new). I planned on buying a chocolate stained maple cabinet when I upgraded. I also planned on getting stainless appliances. But I think this plan makes more sense, I'd doing a yardsale makeover instead of an HGTV one lol I'll be sure to do before and after pictures, the cabinets are being delivered to my Mom's garage tomorrow. Demo of my old kitchen will start in 5 minutes :)


kristie said...

i need to see before/during/after pictures, please! sounds like fun.

Stephe said...

SMART. Just as Kristie says...want to see photos!!!!

K said...

LOL! Are we ever done and content with our homes?

I have to admit, the over the range microwave has given my kitchen a boost. Once I have money again, one of the first things to go will be the tile counter tops. I have them when they are in good condition and mine have black grout that's decaying and cracked tiles.