Saturday, February 06, 2010

Birthday Week!

We made it to THREE!

When your Birthday is on a Monday, you really get to stretch it!

Good Chinese food - burp!
Not messing around - hungry girl!
My belly is full!

She was all over this!

She liked - didn't have a clue what it was, but she liked it :)

Super duper cheesy smile for her favorite toy ever!

Saturday - PARTY TIME!

Chilling out before the big event!

Rockin the tutu and fancy hairbow. All 9 girls wore tutus :)

Her favorite car!

I only got this action shot because my right pointer finger is pretty buff from playing timed bejeweled!


I'm three!She won the jackpot spin on a game - 100 tickets!

She had a great day, 8 little friends came. They were so cute flying through CEC in those tutus. It also made them really easy to spot lol

Happy Birthday Natalie!


Tricia Thompson said...

Oh what a fun party! Happy Birthday Natalie! I am so excited that you had a fun time at your party. I want to wear a tutu on my birthday - Kim, did you wear yours to Natalie's birthday party? My Maggie will be 2 next Wednesday so we have close birthday girls. Since she just got home from China, we are doing the small family gathering. I can't wait for the fun parties though. Congratulations! BTW, I love her birthday shirt! Take care,

Angie said...

Totally can't believe she's 3! Happy birthday, sweet girl!