Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kitchen Update

I've not done anything since last Saturday. I got a wicked stomach thing on Sunday, was sick for 3-4 days, had snow, watched the Olympics then - blink- a week gone with little progress.

So here is the first side, I have a galley kitchen. I didn't want to take a picture of the other side - it has everything piled to the ceiling :)

I don't think it looks that bad in the pictures. It looks old, but fine you know? What you can't see, is the super crappy quality cabinets, hinges that are loose and wobbly, an oven that cooks hot and can't hold a turkey, a stove range that has been known to shock me. So buh bye!

And the nasty surprise I had when I took it all down:

Does everyone see the ^*(^&*%%4 linoleum on the walls? It was all over my kitchen. Why would someone do that??

Anyway, this is my todo list to get this side in ship shape:
  • Remove a piece of wood off the floor and the loose linoleum.
  • Screw down a piece of concrete board.
  • Remove the wall linoleum.
  • Move the outlet and actually attach it to a stud. You know, like to code and stuff.
  • Use the wire in the ceiling for an exhaust fan, like a white bathroom one.
  • Cut through the drywall so I can have a switch for that fan near the existing outlet.
  • Patch the huge hole in the ceiling.
  • Remove the wood strips that held up the soffit.
  • Move the random wire that comes out 3 inches below the ceiling on the wall then loops back into the ceiling. There isn't any wood there, all I have to do is beat out a little drywall, push the wire in, then patch it.
  • Run a new wire from the box for the "new" range. The breaker is already newish so this will be super easy.
  • Run another wire from the box for the built in microwave. I have extra room in the breaker box so I might as well give it a breaker of it's own.
  • Patch & prime the wall.
  • Hang the cabinets. Put in the base cabinets too.
  • Mount the microwave.
  • Find/buy/build some sort of shelving unit for the area left of the stove.
  • Figure out my countertops. If the cabinets look great, I'll install granite tile countertops. If they look "meh" I'll go with the in stock in expensive tan specklish countertops at THD.

So all this should take - what - like 6 months? LOL I feel confident I can do all this myself except for installing the microwave breaker.

Then I get to start on the other side, it is twice as long. I've got the demo staged out on paper so it shouldn't be as bad.

I have to say, I'm enjoying NOT having a stove. The pressure of 3 hot meals a day is gone. We are living off of sandwiches & fruit and I LOVE it lol


Carl said...

Hey kiddo .. for a while, they put (no fooling) steel tiles on kitchen walls .. the theory is for fire protection. It holds up remarkably well and can still be found in some older homes. Try a magnet ...

bajones said...

You are my hero! That is some amazing stuff you are doing. And what a role model for your daughter, seeing her mom tackle a job like that. She will grow up believing that there is no job that she can't do!

Tricia Thompson said...

Sounds like you can add builder, demo woman, and electrician to your resume. I am fully impressed. Go Kim!!! Hey, what is the update on your second daughter?