Saturday, June 07, 2008

Whew! Yard Sale Over!

I made a smidge over $300 at our 2 day yard sale. I was a good child and let go of a lot of things I didn't need to keep like extra baby bedding and toys! Yay for me!

Here are some pictures of the baby. I should of taken pictures of all the crap. I took one packed truckload down (and it's a big truck) and one car load. I brought back a loosely packed truck. The bedding alone was 3 rubber maid totes. So it is nice to clear out some space so I can see where the rest of it goes. I am not going to take clothes for our fall sale, I will split them up and send them to the consignment store or goodwill. They don't sell and they are a pain to tote around. Lesson learned? Stop buying so many clothes!

I only bought nutrisystem food and a couple of little cookbooks for a quarter. Yay me! My BFF did nutrisystem for a bit (and lost 30 pounds!) but didn't have the facilities to microwave/boil the things she needed to stay on the plan while she worked and finished up school. So she clearanced out all her leftovers, I got 50-60 meals for 25-50 cents each woohoo!

Ok, got a little off track, here are the pictures :)

Josh thought this would make her laugh - its one of his racing helmets

hhmm....followed shortly by tears! oops!

talking to Grandpa on the phone
sooo sleepy
sooooo sweet!

helmet incident in the past, josh is one of her favorite peeps!
whose the best baby in the world?

still the best baby in the world!

just a sweet picture with little pouty lips

exercising on a chair (there is the crib I sold today wooohooo)

action shot, running around
still running around - check out the outfit hehe

That's it for now, bye!


Abby's Mom said...

She is adorable! Love the outfit :0

industrialpoppy said...

I love yard sales...and have been thinking about having one myself. The weather has not been co-operating though, so we'll see.
Your daughter is such a cutie :)