Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ok, I feel a little brainwashed lol

I have been ChaChaing off and on since Friday night. To answer a question you first have to claim it by smacking the spacebar. I find myself at work smacking it for no reason, I'm going to flip my keyboard off the desk hehe

ChaCha is sort of like a game for me. One of the my keywords is Chemistry. I get a lot of homework questions. Those are my favorite because there is always an answer out there. Need to know the melting point of copper? Well just ask ChaCha and maybe I'll be the one to tell you!

I'm up to $90 and I have a team mate! (hi Amy!). I have 19 more spot available on my team. The benefit of signing up under a team is that I can share my cheat sheet with you. You still get paid the same (and I won't lie, I get 2 cents for each question you answer too). You get the benefit of knowing where all the stupid jokes are online, there are so many but only a few are short enough to use. I bet you I've lost 2 hours of my life setting up my links because I couldn't find the simple stuff.

I am answering questions at night when the kiddo is in bed, it works out well. I can take breaks to toss in loads of laundry or to get a freezie pop (which btw, I am 110% addicted to, it's like a little tube of joy).

Ok here are some pictures. She is all weepy at daycare because her favorite teacher is at the beach.

Hey..check out my shirt, there is stuff on it!

I love me some buttons!
Miss Becky isn't here and my mommy is leaving...poor me...wait for it...I'm gonna cry (I have several nice snot pictures too)
Please don't go!

So then I go to work feeling like a big turd in a hippie top. Oh well.

And that cute little bow I put in her hair all the time? She destroyed it today, it's now one long ribbon hot glued to a clip. I didn't make it to begin with but I am going to try to split it into two little bows. Oooooh the carnage!!!!

And Steph...did you find my blog yet? Have I made you laugh yet? Bye bye!


Stephe said...

Me Stephe or another Steph?

Stephe said...

Me Stephe or another Steph?

A & J said...

I finally started answering some questions tonight, Kim. :) There are some mighty interesting people out there texting in questions, that's for sure. But it is a lot of fun and I've already learned lots of new (and mostly useless) trivia.

Thanks for mentioning it on your blog. Pretty cool stuff!