Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Update

Ok so this is after midnight but I am still counting it as Monday!

As I was getting ready to post today's picture, my neighbor knocked on my door. At 11pm, I knew that couldn't be good! She said Elvis was up the road and he was really hurt and was bleeding big time.

Well of course I freak out. I grab some clothes and go a couple of doors up and talk to the neighbor that saw him. I am all paranoid because the baby is asleep but I locked the house before I left so I guess it was ok (and it was ok, she was snoring every time I checked on her). I stay up there maybe 10 minutes and when I get back, Elvis was on my front porch. Just fine, nothing wrong with him at all!

It is the father to all these kittens, the stray cat that has been hurt. That just seems odd that he would get hurt right after the mother cat got hit by a car (did I post that? it happened last week).

But good news, at 11:30 tonight, I gave away the solid black boy kitten. And she'll spoil him rotten. So now little Princess Penelope is the last kitty left. She is curled up next to Wookie right now. I can't say I'm too disappointed she's the last one, because she is my favorite. The two people that said they wanted her never showed up.

Tomorrow is beach day at daycare. Natalie has to take her icee $$ (a whole dollar, mama ordered her a grape one!), her bathing suit, her towel, sunscreen and water shoes. They are going to set up sprinklers for her age group, it should be really cute!

This morning...her shirt says EIEIO :)

Look at her little sandals. Leather and only $8.99 at Baby Depot. This is the second set of leather shoes I've bought there, they've both been great!

Check out the bow - I made that - tada!



Beverly said...

she is adorable.

redmaryjanes said...

What a darling daughter you have...and I just bought that little dress that Natalie is wearing in her car seat in the post below. Love it!