Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Update

I have 100% decided to get a new camera. My kodak one was jostled around so much on my trip to China that I just don't think it is good enough to be my only camera. It takes 2-4 seconds to burn the image to the memory card, that just seems like a really long time to me! I think I'll still hang on to it so I can take it on beaches and not have to worry about mucking up the new one.

So for the new one, anyone have suggestions? I am willing to put some big bucks into it, it is something I want to use for several years. I want to be able to snap picture after picture with no delay. I also want to be able to print 100% clear 8 X 10 pictures. I can't tell you how many adorable pictures I've missed because of my camera's lag!

Cutie pie is really on the move lately. The little stinker walks up to the outer door at daycare, waltzes in and might remember to wave bye bye. I'm like ok..see ya! She usually heads for the rocking horses. I thought about getting her one here for home but that would take the novelty of having one at school so I'll wait for now. She can't get up to the speed she likes (she is a little daredevil) on the puppy, maybe when she is a little bit bigger!

We spend the morning saying our words. Her favorite thing to say is "sit down!". Guess where she got that from? Ya, I'm guilty. She stands up in her highchair and gets a stern "sit down" from me every time. But you know what? She sits. I can get her to sit anywhere I want because she's that stinkin smart! At least she is saying it the right way, in the beginning she'd mock me and say "sit doooooown" in a little smarty pants way. Sometimes there would be a little butt wiggle in there too. She understands so much and will follow my words like simon says. She'll stand, sit, dance, say mama and go ggrrr like a hippo. Now I'm not sure if hippos growl but her purple one must?!?

Check out what I won on Ebay tonight for $11.04 cute huh? Click on the picture to enlarge it and look at the detail on the shirt, I love it!

My camera was messing up again, so I switched memory cards. Look at this cute little tidbit that was trapped on a card from a few days after we came home. I have a hard time remembering how little she was. I went through a lot of China pictures tonight, I'll post some this week. They are so cute it hurts, I promise you!

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This is from Sunday, crazy what 6 months can do! And yes, I can't figure out how to rotate it :)

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Eatin eggs in my fancy hairdo

That's it for now - bye! - Kim


amazeingteacher said...

I just purchased a Nikon D40 for all of the reasons you've mentioned. It is really easy to use and fast compared to my (old) Kodak point and shoot. It was $499 @ Best Buy and was the most inexpensive camera in the digital slr family. Cannon and Nikon I think are the best. I did my homework...that's if you want a digital SLR which gives you the fastest picture without a lag. You can google best buy coupon code for a coupon which i didn't do when i got mine. Hope that helps...

Beverly said...

I love my Canon Rebel XT. I got it refurbished like new for half the price of a new one. I love it.

SherryQ said...

I might be willing to buy your present camera. We'll talk when you get your new one! :)