Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New to Me

New to Me stuff is very satisfying. I paid a fraction of what it was new and it still looks new.

I bought a set of curtains from a friend at her yard sale. For $15 I got 4 panels, 1 valance and a shower curtain. They are a heavy canvas cotton with a navy toile print. I don't even want to guess what they were new.

Last night I painted the nook with paint I bought in 2002, it is one of the last 20 cans I bought as part of a big rebate promo at Lowes. I did the walls and ceiling, it looks sooo much better. I am going to keep creeping into the kitchen and eventually do the entire ceiling. It is a nice boring white! :)

I am still looking for a kitchen table for $100 or less. I'd be ok with a used wooden one I could paint, I just haven't found it yet. A cabinet of some kind would be cool too. A new light fixture is a must have. I have $250 to spend on the nook and so far with paint and curtains, I'm up to $30.

See, neat print huh?

I have a lot of cobalt blue stuff around the house, now its a matter of gathering it up and moving it to the kitchen area. The cheapest way to decorate is to use what you have in a new way :)

We are home again because the baby was sick all night and this morning. I slept maybe 2 hours. At 7 she stopped crying and slept on me until 10. For those moms waiting for their baby be sure to save a nice chunk of sick time, you'll need it. I am soooo hoping she'll go to sleep at 8 so I can go to sleep at 8!

I was hired to be an internet guide yesterday. I'll see how it goes before I post more details. I'll be working 30 minutes a night answering text messages for things like directions and phone numbers. I might work an hour a day on the weekends. I am saving the cash for something..what I've not quite decided!

Bye for now!

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Chani's Mama said...

Love the print! - I'd love to redo my bedroom in black and ivory toile but just haven't found it yet.