Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Update

Ok, so I didn't get any of the table sets I mentioned before. The inexpensive oak one was just too yellow. At the unfinished store they didn't mention that the hutch was factory stained and they didn't have stain to match. I was like hello? Not paying $700 for something that won't match!

So we went to a store that was closing. They had 4 sets I really liked and I decided on this set:
Can you see the chair back? It is called a fish back chair :)

I was excited to get it, was $700 marked down to $300. I got the last one in the warehouse too! It is the same wood as the unfinished furniture store too :)

It was funny, I was looking for a nicer set, something I didn't have to put together, you know, real furniture. I was really surprised that this came in a box! A 135 pd box!

A little disappointed too. But the table went together in 5 minutes. The chair took about 20 minutes and I still have to put the support bar screws in. But I like it and it looks great with my new to me curtains :)

I bought this light fixture too, it is a simple dome type light but it is darker in real life, goes with the table well. And it was just $18 :)

I just need to clean up some paint drips on the floor and fix the baseboards. I was messy with my regrouting and I have some tan splotches. I also need quarter round that I hope to buy tomorrow. I also need something for the walls, they look pretty bare. Ideally I'd get a shelf of some sort, I have some pottery that would match the curtains.

Some more pictures...

I love me some bubbles!

New PJs :) She wouldn't stay put for a picture!

Ready for school. She has hippo, hippo's bottle and her bracelet (a mason jar ring).
Something new, eating with my spoon. She is doing really well with it. How do you like post morning pigtail hair? And yes, we ate chicken and dumplings for breakfast, I figure it's sort of like a chicken biscuit with a side of peas :)

Ok, that's it for now. Be sure to read the ChaCha thing. I need teammates! I am lonely! lol

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Beverly said...

she is cute and very busy.