Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday Update

Sleeping with Pooh :)

(yes baby they do...lots and lots love you!)

Today was our 6 month placement visit. It went well, Natalie was a stinker in a cute way. She crashed halfway through the meeting and I put her to bed and she fell asleep without a peep.

Watching Cars before the SW came....

I took my mom's treadmill back to her and put my old desk at the road for someone to take (well let me rephrase that..I put it at the side of the road, someone took it, broke it in two loading into their truck then put the pieces back in my yard..classy huh?). Now my living room seems really big, I only have a small desk, TV cabinet and sofa in here now. Oh ya, I also have 217 toys, but only three pieces of furniture :)

I got my kitchen set completely put together last night, I am a happy camper :)

I bought a really cute HUGE korker bow from Kathy. Lookie Lookie!

Every year our company participates in a parade and I made two sets of hairbows for Natalie and Tia to wear in the parade. I made them out of ribbon with the company logo that came on our 5 year and 10 year milestone plaques hehe

I think that is it for now, bye!

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Doreen said...

lovin the bow!!!!! Still a cutue patootie! So? Did ya pass????LOL!!!!

Doreen in Montreal :-)