Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Update

Yep, I'm regressing back to really boring post titles :)

She was so stinking cute today from start to finish. She said her name for the first time nata-eeeee which got lots of clapping from mama. So then got a lot of na na na na na na na na na which turned to no no no then turned to "no sit down!". Bossy little thing huh?

Picture time!

Aloha! (or OHAH as Natalie says it)

At school, pointing at Elmo
Why is she making such a face?
Because I took a picture of Tia...jealous little thing huh? Isn't Tia a cutie pie?

Ya, I stopped the car to take this picture behind the church. Notice the two wild turkey. Notice the cat noticing the two wild turkey. Worthy of a picture I think lol

My commute to work

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