Saturday, June 21, 2008

I need 20 people for my ChaCha team

I got a second job on Friday, I am now a guide with ChaCha. The pay is not great ($7-8 hr) but I am working an hour or so after I put the baby to bed. Its not like I can run to the mall and work an hour with her here asleep so this is a good fit.

I can create a team on ChaCha for 20 people. The benefits of team are, creating shortcut lists so you can answer questions faster and earn more $$ :) If you are interested in answering questions (and I totally admit, a lot are stupid) and turning yourself into a human google for a few hours a week, go to their site and use my email neatokimmo@ when you sign up. That will link our accounts behind the scenes :)

Any questions about it? Just post and I'll answer :)

AND the reason why I am doing ChaCha, I am buying my new furniture today. I had it down to three sets, a 42 inch round table with windsor chairs in oak for $299 (the store is going out of biz, this is about half off), a tall table and hutch set from Furniture Row for $1000 (eeck!) and a set from the unfinished furniture store. Well the last wins, they are also going out of business and the set is $400 off. The hutch is already stained and my mom said she'd stain my table and chairs to match. It is $700 total and it is hardwood. I think that is the way to go, put a little work in it to get the best wood at a good price. I'll post pictures later. And yes, this totally blows my $250 budget lol

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