Sunday, May 31, 2009

Problem Solved!

The awful spot on my house? Paint transfer, not a gouge like it felt :) My brother who remodels for a living was able to fix it woohhoo (this is my happy dance!)

My yellow walls are now a light tan :) Nice boring tan! And they left a can of white trim paint and when I left he was fixing all the baseboards too. The last painter was a little sloppy and bits of yellow were everywhere. Plus when you install baseboards new 8 years ago, they just need a little paint after that long you know?

Now that the walls are lovely, the light fixtures are so blah. I am falling into the trap, fix one thing and the thing that weren't too bad before now just glare! But I'll have to save up for new fixtures, I have to replace 4 at one time (foyer, living room, dining room and kitchen) so they go together and that is big bucks. I seem to like a lot of fixtures in the $150 range at Lowes. They have the prettiest lights! But $600 plus tax? Ya, I'll have to save up for that :)

Picture time!


In progress

The picture is a little misleading because my phone doesn't take very good pictures. it looks white but it is really like tan, like a creamy tannish ivory. I will take a better picture tomorrow :)

Natalie's room looked great last night but when it dried it looked horrible. That is what happens when you use regular paint :( I have to buy more of the good stuff this week. But I did paint her headboard! It need 2-3 more coats but by golly it is the purply purplist twin headboard ever! I off to Ebay now to check out quilts. I've not had a lot of luck finding one I like for her.


Saturday, May 30, 2009


A ton of stuff has been moved. The baby's room has been painted. I cut the hall and dining room so the rest of the primer can be rolled tomorrow. I picked out my paint, it is called chopstick! Now how could I not buy a paint called that?

I chickened out on buying my turquoise paint for my bedroom. I am not sure why because I can just repaint it if I don't love it. I can't decide if I want to be blue-green or green-blue (does that make sense?). Just too many choices! I think I might toss all the ones I like into a bowl, close my eyes and just get one!

We were super busy today. I bought paint, bought purple wave petunias and moved a truck load of stuff from the condo. The den carpet was cleaned, Natalie's room was primed and painted and I partially prepped the hall and dining room. I planted my petunias in the front planters and found two plant stands and a pot in the backyard. I got Dad to fetch spray paint for me and for a mere dollar, I now have two great black shiny plant stands and one black pot. I put one stand by the front door, I have to buy a pot for it (or find an old one to paint!) . I put the other over my underground utility box in with other landscaping and loaded it down with the petunias. I am hoping they'll "wave" all the way out of the pot to cover that weird box. Dad also moved a lot of stuff from my little house's basement including my desk, two twin headboards and the little nightstand that matches my desk. One headboard is for Natalie's room, the second is a spare in case I need I mess up the first lol Otherwise it is going in the yardsale. My desk and night stand are going to be refinished because they are old (like from the 40s) and are real maple.

Tomorrow the living room, dining room, hall and kitchen will be painted. Tonight I opened what I thought was a can of white paint and it was a $5 oops can of green paint from Lowes, almost the exact color I was pondering at Sherman Williams today! So to Dad's horror, I put a 1 X 1 square of it on the wall to see how it looks with the cabinets. I have decided it is a go, and if I don't like it, I'll just paint again next month :)

Today I started liking my house. I know that sounds funny but I bought the most practical nice house I could find that suited our needs. Not a thing in it screams KIM like my other little house did (and still does). But planting my favorite flowers and messing with planters made me happy. Then painting the baby's room gave me a little oomph towards liking it. I guess as I remove the previous owners smells (they apparantly were addicted to fruit smelling air freshners, it was sickening) and their odd paint choices, it feels more like me. I can't wait to see my nice boring tan cover up the goldenrod yellow!

I do love my hardwood tho. And I do LOVE having a garage again! And I like my landscaping.

Oh and listen to this, there was a major glitch when I went to the house right after closing. There was a big chunk taken out of a piece of my siding, right in the middle, right under a window, right in the front! Their moving company hit the house with their truck. And no one told me. Claimed they didnt see it. I saw it in my rear view mirror backing into the driveway, there wasn't anyway to miss it. So the movers insurance is suppose to fix it. They mentioned taking a piece from the back to put on the front. Hm no, why would I want a big chunk out of my siding anywhere? So there is a good chance I am getting new siding which is good and a pain all at the same time (and really killed the yay I bought a house mood I had when I signed the papers). Really I'd just rather have the old siding, chunk free!

Whew that is enough for now, bye!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


From this post, I have about 31 hours until my first load of stuff is taken to the house. I've decided on paint (light dull blue for the kitchen and dining room, sand for living room, foyer and halls, white and purple for the baby's room, white for Dad's bathroom and light ocean turquoise for my bedroom and bath!) and I will start painting the baby's room first thing on Thursday :)

Dad thinks we should go slow and steady. So that means I'll have to do a power move on my own. I can fit 16 containers in the truck if I am driving alone. I am 5.5 miles from the house. I can load a truck in 15 minutes and unload it in 5. Soooooo a very well caffeinated Kim should be able to move 10 truckloads on Thursday easily!

Here are some funnies from my email...


Monday, May 25, 2009


MySpace Generators

I borrowed this picture from Amy's blog. This is what I've had in my head for my bedroom :) I have hardwood in my room and a big tray ceiling. I'll do the walls in "Blue Dusk" from Lowes and I need to find a headboard. I already have the multi textured white bedding. I am doing this color in my bath too, my shower curtain and towels are also white :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


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We went yard-sale-ing yesterday :) The baby got an annoying barbie camcorder that plays music and a pair of new Mickey Mouse ears for just $1 :)

Then, I got three old navy canvas purses for just $1 each. One is really nice, one is really cool, one is nice and simple. I am going to sell a couple of my Vera bags, I don't like the mod blue one that everyone else loves and I don't like the java blue one either (it still has its tags).

Then we went to a big beautiful house down the street from my new house (I mean it was a castle!). I got three Winnie the Pooh pictures for $2 each, a pair of new shoes for the baby for $1, a 3 X 5 Pooh rug for $3 and three baby outfits (one with tags) to resell for just 50 cents each :) I am going to do the baby's room in Disney so I was pleased to find the rug and pictures!

I also had another walk through yesterday. Everything looks great, I wish they had moved out their stuff already. And I wish I had asked for their upright freezer in the garage, it is the perfect size. Oh well :)

We went to Lowes for deck stain and I lost quite a bit of time in the lighting department. They have such pretty fixtures! Yesterday Dad pointed out that when I replace the dining room light, I need to replace the foyer light too, they are a set. Dad liked the smaller ones, I liked the medium sized ones. I think I'll be able to buy a great one for $150 or less for each spot. I'll have Lowes install the foyer one tho, it is 1.5 stories tall, I think $99 is a good price to pay to guarantee my Dad won't fall and kill himself!

We also bought spray paint for his deck chairs. He bought them several years ago and they were over $300. After the harsh FL sun, the paint deteriorated pretty fast and you could see bare aluminum in spots. One $3.50 can of spray paint later and they look great :) I will post before and after pictures, it really is amazing.

He is fetching the deck stain today and I'll be painting the floor this long weekend. Then I can mark the deck off my to-do list and start packing up closets :)

The baby is with Mom so we went to see Star Trek but we were too late. So we saw Terminator instead. Good movie! I did guess several of the big things tho, that was disappointing. But I didn't expect to see Arnold so that was cool :)

Whew I think that is it? Four days left! :)

Friday, May 22, 2009


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I packed up quite a bit in our bedroom tonight for the move. Dad thinks we should take it nice and slow. I think we need to just get it done, get the condo done and get it sold. Why pay two mortgages if you don't have to?

I watched one of the first Jon and Kate shows tonight. I really liked THAT family. Too bad that isn't them now. I hope it all works out ok for the kids.

Today the credit card reform bill was signed. If you use credit cards and have good credit with good rates then you are screwed. Sorry but we'll be charging you the deadbeat rate because the democrats have decided we can't penalize people who don't pay on their accounts like they are suppose to. So the burden of the cost of business is going to be on everyone. Be sure to check your fine print and any change in terms offers for your cards. Gone will be the days of great transfer promo rates too. Oh well. People tell me that I don't have a lot of say since I work for a CC company and we got bailout money. But our troubles all boil down to people spending too much money and not paying it back. If you have poor impulse control then don't use a credit card, plain and simple. We can't requests a psych eval on every customer. Ok enough on that!

I am furniture shopping, why, I don't know! I don't have extra cash for furniture but websites lure me to the screen every night! If I had 10K, I'd get a dark brown dining set with matching hutch. I'd get a fancy set for the baby's room. I'd buy a black set for myself. I'd also buy a workstation for the kitchen. But in reality land, I'll have my bedroom hutch (the one that was in my nursery, luckily those were before the days of disposable furniture!) and my long dresser is going in the kitchen. Yup, it will be the work station I need for Dad (for his messy tea and coffee making, I don't want him mucking up my pretty kitchen). I have plans to make it prettier, but is a solid piece of furniture, why not use it? Natalie's room will have her baby hutch, painted "Price Charming" which is dark purple. Her headboard was free from a yard sale, it will also be purple. If I am lucky I'll find another dresser for her to add to the collection. For the dining room, we'll use the mismatched stuff we have now. My house is going to be decorated in early yardsale - ha!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


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Cleaning, packing, cleaning some more!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


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I have a todo list a mile long (I know, then why am I on this computer?lol). Not only do we have to move all our stuff, things need to be organized into keep, sell and toss piles. AND the condo has to be cleaned up and fixed up to be sold. I bought a stainless 5 burner range, a stainless dishwasher and a black built in microwave the other night. Original prices put it at $1875 but I only paid $1075 because they were floor models (the dishwasher was surplus). Once those are installed, the fridge is moved out and the tile mosaic is put in the floor (we have some broken tiles) we'll have the best kitchen out of all 36 units. We'll then clean carpet, touch up paint and put in a new spa shower in Dad's bathroom (we'll advertise handicap friendly!). I also want to paint the deck floor because everyone else did it, and I don't want someone on our deck glancing over at the neighbors and ours coming up short. But anyway, we'll be like those HGTV shows with a 2K budget and we'll get it sold! :)

My appraisal came in today and it had a pretty picture of the house on it:

Much nicer than the picture the listing Realtor had (the sun is shining!)

I close at 1:00 pm on Thursday May 28th. I think I am finally excited about it and I think I'll go pack!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Saturday

Saturday was rush rush rush!

First, I woke up at the crack of dawn literally. The curtain rod in our room broke and I'm not going to buy a new one to use for 2 weeks that doesn't fit the new house. So when the first ray of sunshine hits that window, I'm awake!

Dishes, laundry and tons of other cleaning later, we are at a fundraiser breakfast by 9 or so. Then we went to three yardsales and spent $17

To resell at the consignment sale...
18 baby boy outfits (25 cents each)
10 bibs (50 cents)
3 piece set of Russ Lamb nursery items (with tags, 25 cents each)
1 TY beanie buddy with tags (25 cents)

For Natalie
An Elmo music toy (25 cents)
3 adorable dresses ($3, $2, $2)
$2 dresses. The $3 is the one in all the pictures below.
a Mickey Mouse shirt (25 cents)
4 TY beanie buddie bears in solid colors (the only thing I regretting selling a couple of weeks ago were some of the beanie buddies I had bought way before she was born. These look new with tags and are cuter than the ones I sold for $1 each woot! 25 cents each)

for Me
A sealed purse size photo album (25 cents, just from dollar tree but I needed one so that to me is the best deal!)
2 retro yellow tupperware containers for sugar and flour ($1)

We drove out to the house to see the mitigation system. I couldn't see it, so that has to be a good thing :) My tentative closing date is a week from Thursday! The appraisal happened today and it came in at over my price. The second radon test will be complete in a day or so. I've given the bank everything except a quart of blood so they should be set too. Anyway...

she slept, I cleaned more (I should of slept). Then off to my Grandfather's 80th birthday which was 45 minutes away. We stayed for a couple of hours (it was a meet and greet cake thing) and the baby was crazy hyper from the cake!

The went went straight to church for the pig pull fundraiser. The baby doesn't eat a lot of meat, she was all about the beans and huge rolls!

Afterwards....she had chocolate cake and bbq beans in a white dress. And she didn't spill a drop on her little white dress!
This is the little dress, I know it is older Gymbo (from 2004) but I thought it was rather pretty. original price was $49, I paid three :) Why can't I find clothes like those for me? lol

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

(me too!)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

That is how I feel about this:

but I don't have an extra 27K..sigh....

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

At the condo

At the church
At Grammy's

The cabin in their backyard

Bridal Shower (catch up pictures

From 2 weekends ago...

On the way there...

The toilet paper gown game hehe
THE silverware..oohhh ahhh

No bows broken, that uterus slammed shut!

Chelle with the cake :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Friday, May 08, 2009

New Wdiget

I've added Chance's adoption fundraiser to my widgets on the right. This family adopted an older girl only to find out she has two brothers. They can adopt the youngest but need help with the fees. If everyone that reads my blog would toss in $5, they'd hit their mark.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Free 8 X 10 @ Walgreens

Use the code MOTHER tomorrow only and get a free 8 X 10 :)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Crocs Sale

You can get little girl mary janes for $9.99. Adult's are only $12.49. Use code kiosk09 and you'll get free shipping.

Also in the outlet, they have team sport flip flops for 9.99. For $32.47 I got the baby a pair of black mary janes, a matching pair for me and a pair of UT flip flops. Go Vols!