Saturday, March 28, 2009

Picture Catch Up

I know I am way behind. I just don't have time to post any more. So I have a little free time because the baby is with Nana.

The Leprechauns make me do it....

Squishy fat baby face sleeping.

Going to school...

Loves the elevator. (I push it! I push the nubber one mama!)

Stopping to pose.


How big is your kid?

Mine is the size of 104 diapers :)

Eating popcicles - ignore the mess!

scribbles or art? Does anyone else see a flower? That is what I asked her to draw me and showed her some examples and this is what I got! I took a quick picture, she saw I was happy with it then erased it - mama I do nuther for you! DOH!

The colors I hope to do in the kitchen for the foreclosure. I can't afford these cabinets or counters but I am optimistic I can put something together that has this feel without the cost (need the house first tho!).

Fried egg, bacon and broccoli on arugula - what you get to eat for breakfast when your baby is at Nana's.

Ok, so this catches me up. I am going to start carrying my purse camera again and just hope it doesn't do a memory dump again. I guess possibly having pictures is better than not having any at all. Bye for now!

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Kim said...

LOVE...LOVE the pics especially the diaper box one!!! To flippin' cute!!!