Friday, March 20, 2009

The offers start tomorrow

Remember how I said I was waiting a year for a house unless I found a foreclosure?

Well I found one!

It is in between work and where the condo is (the condo location is the desired location). But it has the best elementary school, one level living, multiple baths (1 full, two halfs, one of which can be converted to a full) and hardwood!

1800 SF with another 800 in the basement that can be finished. It needs work to bring it up to date, low estimate is 23,000, high is 30,000. Part of that is changing it to suit a real person (to remove the "what where they thinkings") and part is repair. The house is clean, but needs windows and needs a rood. But after that money I'd have something I'm pretty happy with.

The hardwood does not need refinishing which is a big deal. And it is old wood, what I wanted. Those floors look better than my little houses' floors to tell you the truth. The walls and ceilings in the living room, dining room and kitchen are the knotty pine again so I'll have to paint (will buy a sprayer). The kitchen is there but not suitable so I'll be buying cabinets, counters and a new floor. The half bath to full bath renovation will make use of a dead space and I'll be creating a "spa" shower for Dad in there since it is next to his bedroom. The full bath is dreadful, like take a sledge hammer to it dreadful. About the only thing that will be kept is the tub, it looked fine.

The only thing I don't like is the lack of closet space again. But part of me thinks we still have way too much stuff, maybe small closets aren't the issue? :)

Oh and there is a separate family room. So the baby will have her own playroom to hang out in. That makes me super happy :)

So I am talking like it is mine, but its not. The bidding will start tomorrow. They have it priced at the price it should be with the renovations in it. They might be insulted with my starting price (60K, list at 107K) but the mortgage company is local and hopefully someone has been to the house and seen how it is (and I don't want you to think we are going into something scary, this place is in better condition than the last house I bought). They should know all the baths and kitchen haven't ever been updated (house built in 1955) and I am the ONLY person that has looked at it or made an inquiry. Folks, it is UGLY but I can fix it! :) So we'll see if they counter or just ignore me :)

Wish me luck!
(the dark part is red brick, there is siding around the other three walls)

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