Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kid's Consignment Sale

I've tagged close to 200 items and at 2:28 AM, I am done for the night. I am selling all my baby loot except for my evenflo bottles, the octo-pus, 5 rattley jingly things Natalie wasn't interested in, a stuffed horse thingy to make a blanket out of, a wooden rattle toy and the Whoozit bumper book. I also kept a few clothing items as momentos but not to use with another kiddo. Clothing is plentiful and cheap, I'll find new pieces when it is time. But anyway, I shopped like I was getting paid while waiting for Natalie. I had enough loot for 5 kids.

Tomorrow is the deadline on my contract, I should know something then. Hopefully they won't need more time. I need to buy the house, fix it up, move and get settled. Then ideally, I'd get a good chunk of it paid off so I can adjust the loan to a smaller payment (will be doing some creative financing to get into the house without paying loan fees). Then I'll HAVE to have a car. It is going on 10 years old. I don't want to drive a 15 yr old car you know?

Then with the new mortgage and the new car loan, if I even have enough left over for daycare, it is time for kiddo #2! I find myself reading a lot of baby blogs lately, I have the fever. Yikes.


Chani's Mama said...

Good luck on the sale and the house tomorrow.

K said...

Right now is a great time to find a good used car. So many people are swamped with payments that they are getting rid of good cars with low mileage right and left.