Monday, March 02, 2009

Disney on Ice

(original title: $8 popcorn + pneumonia = vomit)

Okie so I had the tickets to go last Thursday. After being so pitiful on Wednesday she was positively PERKY on Thursday. I knew it was 1-2 hour type thing so we went. Shoot, she felt so good she let me do beauty pageant hair!

So we went. And she was too little for the show. She should of been 4-6ish to get it more. I liked it and thought it was neat. I took 200 pictures in the first hour. I think that is a personal record! (but if you have the opportunity for Elmo anything, 2 is great for that!)


Mommy's good little patient:

Pageant hair

Waiting in line:
(pageant hair slowly falling)

Posing with the souvies

On with the show! (in no particular order)

intermission - that's when the incident happened. How can someone that only weighs 25 pounds produce so much stuff?

I was so inspired I hung my redneck art. Clear tape is as fancy as I'm going in the condo. Do you like my $1 placemats from dollar general? The original idea was to put them in frames but the size frames I needed were a LOT. So tape it is! (its her wall of friends, she is too cute)

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RamblingMother said...

love the pagent hair. hate she is sick. Love the redneck art and the tagged pic.