Friday, March 13, 2009

Girls Night Out

Well, actually more like girl night in.

That's right! I'm here by myself!

ALLL ALONE - woohhooo!

Natalie is at Nana's.

Dad is out with my step siblings!

So what did I do on my wild and crazy night in?

Well first I reserved a movie at Redbox. It was horrible, didn't watch the whole thing (Step Brothers - shame on you Will!).

I ate dinner - an assortment of hot fries and popcorn. To drink? Juice boxes. She won't let me drink any in front of her and dang-it I like juice too!

I am thinking about going to bed now. Yup, that is my crazy night out in. Good night!

p.s. look at the cute bandanas I got at Walgreens for 25 cents each. I got four of them, enough to make two little dresses.

It is brighter and cuter than the picture :)

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