Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Over It

It really only took a week. Anyone else over FaceBook?

No joke, I have over 200 requests on my profile, things like fish and flowers. For that first week I was all over it. What fun! Then I realized I was loosing like an hour every night clicking on stuff. Shoot, if I am going to click on something, it will be blogger so I can catch up. So if I know you in the real world and I don't reply to applications, then sorry! I do log in for friend requests so if you know me, add me!

OH and if you don't have the "Follow" widget on your blog can you add it? If you are reading my blog then I'm reading yours too. A few people (cough cough : Angie) don't have it and it makes staying current with my blogs soooo easy.

let's see...what else? OH I got my coupon for the free bottle of Sauve. I'm not a big fan of them but it is free and what do I love? Yup freebies. And I got a coupon for $25 at Walgreens and CVS for transferred scripts. That is always fun, I am going to start swapping around some of Dad's stuff. It costs him the same so why not?

Today is day three of being homeless lol My renter moved in on Sunday. It is weird. But it was nice to not have to make a special trip to the other side of town to feed my cats. I am in the process of trying to make the condo liveable now. We have stuff everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE! It is awful. But I think with some creative storage it will be fine. Plus it shows me I still need to purge. (the house I like so much is still for sale. I've saved 7K so far but I really need 30K for the pmi to go away..I track spending and such in other blog)

This is an interesting read. She is spending $1 a day on food. Now would I have chosen the same things? Ya, some of the things are what we eat. But she is showing it can be done if you make the effort to cook and do a little planning. Plus I bet she doesn't have a bowl of rotten fruit on the counter because someone in this condo (not me!) is a compulsive grocery shopper!


I am so stinkin excited about Disney!

Ok that is enough! - bye!

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Anonymous said...

oh I can only imagine. Wait...I think my family was ready to disown me before we went. If I could have my dream wedding it would be in Disney...but he will never go for it. LOL