Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bid In!

It is low, hopefully not insultingly low. Has some nice surprises yesterday with a more thorough inspection. The three toilets are brand new. The sink in the half bath is brand new (might be moved to the hall bath if I start to run low on cash). The weird heating a cooling isn't a big deal. In TN we have heat pumps that heat and cool. For some reason they have one that only cools. But all of the duct work is there and the electrical is there so all I need is a new compressor outside. And of course with it being a small town, Dad knows someone that can get it all set up for half of what I had budgeted.

I did discover the living room window is rotten and has leaked on the hardwood. It didn't discolor the wood but it has swelled. My brother believes with a new window asap and a dehumidifier in the living room and in the crawl space might fix that.

I am trying to keep the remodeling to 25K so I'll have a little leftover for overages. With the extra money from above I am getting NICE cabinets for the kitchen, I am very excited! (we wandered around home depot yesterday) On the bottom I need 12 feet. On the top I need about 6 feet because there is a window. I also need two long skinny cabinets for above the fridge and stove. On the opposite side I can put in a 6 foot strip of uppers and lowers. I found a simple range and dishwasher too. We'll use the condo fridge, I don't like it but a cheap fridge is $600. So I'll suck it up. We can't leave it behind because it doesn't match the condo stuff. Not sure why he bought an expensive dented non matching fridge but he did. He doesn't get to pick out any of the new remodeling stuff lol

And of course, I have it in my head that it is mine. And it isn't yet. I should know something on Monday, maybe Tuesday. Since it is a foreclosure and not a short sale the closing will be standard, about 30 days. And I am expecting a counter. Hopefully it will be a number that I can bounce back to them and not just a couple thousand short of the asking price.

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