Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I am pimping out my blog for $2.50. Yes, a mere $2.50. Dr. Collier (and no, not you Johnathan...err Jason)'d better appreciate this. And if you check up on these ads Dr. Collier, you should at least leave a comment on how cute my kid is or something.

Ok so here is the deal. Dr. Collier does lap band procedures. When you are overweight then your stomach gets all stretched out. He can stick a tiny belt on your stomach and cinch off part of it. When you have a little stomach, it gets filled faster and for fewer calories. Brilliant eh?

And he services the Woodlands and Houston. HEY! I used to live there! I wonder if that woman who bought the house actually cut down the trees like she was suppose to? Anyway I digress.

Fat? Live in Houston? You can check him out here: conroe lapband (and I can say fat because I am is only disrespectful if you are a teeny little thing calling yourself fat. That makes us fatties very angry!)

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