Monday, February 02, 2009

Birthday Pictures :)

My Dad gave me cash for the Knoxville trip to buy things for the baby for her birthday. This is the last batch from Old Navy. This was $30 something. None of the tops were over $2.50.

The coat was just $12
The most expensive item were the jeans on the left, they might of been $4. The flower jeans were $3ish, the capris were just $2 something. She is now ready for this summer, next winter except for 2 pairs of pants, a few items for next summer and most of the next next winter :)

Her birthday cake. We embarrassed her when we sang Happy Birthday and she cried!

With her bubble machine

Rockin her piano
With my brother
She stayed up until 11, she was sooo wound up. But I think she enjoyed her birthday :)


Eliza2006 said...

We could definitely hang out! I love snapping up those great end of the season sales for next year. I have a whole closet full of stuff for next year for 2 kids!
I also have that exact keyboard for Eliza's b-day in a few weeks. I was going to give it to her for Christmas (found it for a great deal), but she already had too much stuff, so it's her b-day present. You'll have to let me know how Natalie likes it.


Beverly said...

she cried? how sad. happy bday to her!