Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day :)

Random pictures before school.

In my 34 years I've only celebrated Valentines day once, when I was 16. My boyfriend bought me a big clear balloon with a stuffed animal inside. He was broke, it cost like $15 and I was really touched. I can't remember celebrating it with my ex and I've always managed to be boyfriend-less in Feb lol

So now, Feb 14th will be known as big girl bed day! My cutie patootie is now in a queen sized bed. My old bed in fact. I was going to buy her a new big double bed then thought that was silly. I don't know what her room will be like in the new house, no reason to commit to a certain type of bed in the condo you know?

Bobo likes it too!
Room for everyone! Little naked baby strikes again!I think she likes it!

We spent Friday moving furniture from the house. I am being so good, letting go of stuff to sell. I keep trying to think of the new house and I'd like to start fresh with some things. But now in our 400 SF share of the condo we have:
2 queen beds
and eliptical
2 night stands
1 changing table
1 crib (full of things to sell in March at the consignment sale - yippee!)
2 long and low dressers minus the mirrors
3 large tall cabinets
1 secretary cabinet

Yikes - I have a path from the bedroom door to the bathroom and a path between our beds so I can reach the changing table. Its a wee bit cramped. I still have the tall baby cabinet and tv cabinet to bring over. Those might end up in the kitchen!

But its not all bad, I am setting up a great little play area in the area of the great room that is meant for a home office. I've weeded out several toys she hasn't shown any interest in and I've purchased a plastic toy bin. I also had a duh moment. I have three apple crates that I put things in, open side up. My Dad said, hello, turn them so the opening is in the front, stack them, link them and won't you have the basket unit you are looking for? Umm ya..duh :D

Natalie got a crapload of umm crap from her daycare party that I just weeded through (why is holiday stuff so junky?) . I am sure she'll enjoy the candy (spread out over many weeks, she's MEAN on candy) but I really liked my treat that was in the bag :) Little angel wallets, cute huh?

And look at the playhouse I bought her for just $6! At our pharmacy, there is a flea market type area. They have odds and ends and it is cheap! It has a $20 tag on it, they must of picked it up on clearance. She uses crayons to color it, fun huh?

And this is what I bought myself for v-day, 12 pairs of baby socks. OOOHH how I hate baby socks. They never match and I can never find them! So today, all the other socks went into the goodwill pile and she now has 12 pairs of socks, all the same woohoooo! And check out the price, another pharmacy bargain, $5 for all 12.

Today I got 6 of the Walgreens razor catalina deals. I tired to figure it out, I spent almost $7 on 10 $4 off coupons. I then spent $11 on 6 razors, 2 bags of noodles, two GREAT lipglosses (they were $5 marked to 50 cents because they were being discontinued!), a caramel candy, a can of chips and a coke. I still have a $6 catalina to use for something else and 5 more coupons. I'm having a hrd time deciding whether that was a good deal or not? lol

Whew, enough rambling for now, buh bye!

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Beverly said...

great deals. I need to learn the how to's on Walgreens. we don't have a CVS here.