Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Important Message!


I am a nutrition coordinator for Love Without Boundaries. One of the
SWIs assigned to me is Dingxi. The current report was depressing -
the babies are not doing well, in fact two babies died! And the
pictures! Oh, these babies need help!

I currently sponsor a child's education but am now also going to
support the Dingxi Nutrition program. There are not a lot of
adoptions from this orphanage so there's not a Yahoo orphanage group
to appeal to so here I am appealing to you....

Was your child adopted from Dingxi? Would you like to help the
orhans left in China? Can you spare $10 or $20 a month sponsorship?
How about $5 a month? We're trying to find $100 a month sponsorship
for this SWI. If 20 of us donate $5 a month, we're there!

If we don't raise this sponsorship LWB will have to remove this
SWI from its nutrition program after the July shipment since there
is currently too few donations coming for this program - please
don't let that happen!

If you cannot at this time pledge a monthly amount, could you do
a one time donation? Or do you know someone who might be interested
in a sponsorship? Do you know any groups looking for a charity to
donate their fundraising to? Any help is most appreciated!!!

To donate, you can donate securely on-line at the LWB site.

Choose Nutrition for the Category and in the note please say
that the donation is for the Dingxi Nutrition program.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Thank you!!!!!

Lucky Mama to Rose, age 3yrs, Fuling Chongqing SWI

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