Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Natalie has pneumonia :(

She was coughing and had a fever last night. She stayed home with Dad today and her fever went away. But after she woke up from her nap she had a thump thump sound to her breathing plus she had been throwing up all day. So off to urgent care we went. They swabbed, they poked, they sucked blood. I have two days to get her straightened out before she has to go to the hospital. Just like when she was 11 months old. I wonder if this is going to be a yearly thing? Do I need to add respiratory illness to my yearly budget?

She is having breathing treatments every three hours. Her other inhaled med is just twice day. She also has liquid steroids and antibiotics. She does NOT take medicine. You have to force it which stinks because she already can't breathe, she chokes on it. I won't lie, it irritates me too, I've tasted them and they taste like a melted life saver. OOHhhh the drama!

I got to break in my Citi Health Savings card tonight. Not to be confused with a health spending account, the savings account is mine and it rolls. I don't have the use it or loose it situation. For 4 meds with the new insurance, it was $70 something. I didn't think that was bad. Plus I got a $25 CVS giftcard to use for her next batch of meds (which I will transfer to Walgreens if needed and get another 25$ card ha!). I will be interested to see what the bill will be. Atena will trim down the costs by a lot then I pay the balance with the 1K Citi gave me. This sounds like a cruddy plan..wait you are right! But none of them were very good this year. Oh well.

So think of us at 3am while I try to give a sleeping 2 yr old a breathing treatment. Bye for now!

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