Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rambling on and on and on...

So I am looking through my Disney pictures (I have the fever - real bad!) and I find a picture.

How much WAS gas, Sept 2006? Worse than what it is now, I am super happy to have my gas start with the number one:

If you guessed 2.33 then you win! Does anyone else take pictures like this? lol I took it because it was a lot cheaper than it was at home, this was probably in SC or GA on 1-95.

I am bummed, I didn't get a free dining pin (coupon) code today from Disney like a lot of people did. Don't they know the economy stinks? Don't they know I'm ready to commit to 11 nights and 10 days with the mouse? Don't they know I am too cheap to go unless they feed us for free? Come on Disney, help me out here!

I dusted off the old Disney Chase card too. I get 1% back in Disney dollars which is better than what I get with the Citi card now. Of course I use the Citi card, well because they are my peeps but for a bit I'm going to throw some transaction fees to Chase and earn Disney Dollars. Plus, it is fun using a yellow and blue card with a castle on it. I've never claimed to be grown up!

Speaking of grown up, I'm super bummed I don't have a baby anymore. It's like she's aged a year overnight. Her speech is clearing, she is loosing that baby lisp. She is starting to get a southern accent (buh bye-a!). Even her hair is big girl hair. Now that her bangs are nice and long, I tuck them behind her ears and call it her big girl hair. It is her goal in life to tell no less than 10,000 people at Walmart that she has big girl hair when its fixed this way.

Crashed on the sofa, having big girl hair is tiring.

Oh and our snow is going away. Tomorrow I am at the house getting it ready for Allison and Saturday I'll be in the yard cleaning up the leaves I should of cleaned up like 6 months ago. On Sunday I think I'll paint the porch rails because...drum roll will be 60. Our weather is so weird. This is from Wednesday:

Taken with my camera phone. It just makes me cold to see it. Unfortunately it was a layer of ice with about 2 inches of snow on top of it. My car is nasty nasty from salt, I can't wait to wash it on Sunday (in 60 degree weather...I might have to break out the flip flops).

Ok, that is enough posting about nothing - bye!


Elisa ( FC Monsters) said...

The salt and the bad weather..ughh don't get me started.
My car looks totally white even though the paintwork is black!

Kristen Bieber said...

Hi Kim-
I have been reading you blog for a while and had to comment on the Disney stuff. My husband and I are Disney lovers, and have learned quite a bit. They ofter offer free dining to "bounce back" people first. These are people who were there a year ago on the same dates. They don't open it to the public until closer to the time. If you book your trip thru a travel agent like Mouse fan Travel they can add it on for you if they offer free dining later, if you book it yourself and pay for dining you can't switch to the free dining later! Hope this helps!