Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catch Up Picture Post

Let's see, it has been a busy week. I taught Junior Achievement this week for 4 days. Last time it was with 5th graders and they were great. This time it was with Kindergartners. Let's just say if I were their teacher every day I'd drink... a lot :)

I finished the toy cubby in the condo. It is a tight squeeze but she brings what she wants to play with out to the living room area a few feet away. I'd love to do shelving all the way up to the bar but that is just too much $$. I'd hate to spend big bucks then not need it in the next house.

You can't see the books stacked in their crates behind her head.

We did bubbles several times...

(if I soap up her hair, turn her sideways and squint, I have my little baby back!)

The reason we take so many baths!

Going to Nana's today, she loves to poke my camera.

Going to school.
Her "smiling" for me :)

I really like this pair.
"new" jeans, $5 for all 4 pairs. Nana got them for her.

That is it for now. I've not been taking a lot of pictures (well for me) and I need to get back into the habit!


iamwright said...

Kim, Little Nat is not so little. How did she get so big so fast? She's absolutely beautiful!

Beverly said...

cute pants. love the reason for a bath pic!