Monday, September 01, 2008

Boomsday 2008

I haven't been in like 15 years so we loaded up the baby and went. We arrived in Knoxville about 5pm. It was hot. Like my flip flops melted hot. We were ill prepared for the event. We should of brought chairs and a blanket. We should of brought 20 waters with us. There were hard core boomsday-ers there, they had a canopy, lots of chairs, lots of food...water..think of us but the opposite! Lucky for us, they sold food or we wouldn't of made it!

Ready for fireworks! Hate to tell her it's another 4.5 hours!

The best leash ever!

Pretty blue and white
More blue and white
Part of the Rocky Top orange display.

Tons of curlies

HeartsAnd blurry smiley faces!

I have video too, since I do like my fireworks I'll add it to the sidebar after I edit it :)

Went to Goodwill today to waste some time before we met my Mom to shop. I got the baby a Gund pink bear with a Pottery Barn Kids tag on it. It was the big $28 size. I also got a little giraffe and a Lilo beanie with the tags. All three for ...$1...tada! They all just came out of the dyer (don't worry, I wash stuffed animals all the time, they are major crud catchers!) and they are cute! I also got a new with tags baby gap sweater with a cat on it for next winter for $1.97. So an excellent junk day at Gooodwill :)

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iamwright said...

Natalie is getting so BIG! She is absolutely beautiful!