Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Update

I made $109 from the kid's consignment sale. Pretty much anything over a 2T sold (note to self, keep a lookout for gently used bigger kid clothes!). I still have a lot of teeny sleepers (size 3-6 months..who was I kidding?) that I'll yard sale in a couple of weeks. But I sold almost 50 of my clothing items (I mostly had PJs and separates) and I think 3 (I didn't make a master list this time) toys. See, I told you I priced my stuff really low. But it's out of the house and I bet I recovered all the money I spent (plus a little).

I added up the adult consignment drop off stuff, it came out to $435! I get half of that if it sells before Nov 1. Now I know it won't all sell, but if just some of it will, then hooray!

So with my yard sale presale and my kid's consignment $, I am up to $169.05 :) I was halfway thinking of boxing up some of the kid's yardsale stuff that I had bought to just buy (ok I was bored) into $20 "lots" and putting them on craigslist. They would be items that I'd normally tag for 50 cents to $1. Do you think they'd sell? Would be much easier than tagging everything for the 4th.

I am putting the extra money into my savings account (which is so empty you can hear an echo!) and I am going to buy a nice furniture item with it. I am leaning towards a Pottery Barn grooved wood knock off type bed (maybe bunks?) for the kiddo. I want to see all the clutter go bye bye and look at one item and see where all the junk $$ went you know? I am anxious to recreate her red bedroom in another house. This time I want to do the wood outlines on the wall, the picture frame looking decos.

Scooter is improving every day. I missed two days of work (I had to take out a FMLA claim to convert vacation time to sick time) and I am quickly running out of time period. We need a minimum of 6 days in Dec for the cruise, 7 would be better because Dad wants to head to Orlando on the way down. We'll drive past the old house and eat dinner at Boston's Fish House (fried oysters....yum!). Then depending on how tired I am (since I'll probably drive the bulk of the trip) we might hit the Disney outlet which is on the other side of town. This little side trek will add a couple hundred miles and 5-6 hours to our trip, but once you hit mid FL, Ft Lauderdale isn't that far at all. But anyway, I have two days left that aren't tagged for anything and I have day 7 for the cruise and Dec 26th planned. So if she can stay healthy until year end I won't have to take any unpaid days (I mean worse case, I take the 25th and 26th off unpaid, no biggie in the grand scheme).

Natalie has become an Elmo junkie. I have two DVDs for her which is just a collection of 6 episodes from Sesame Street. She loves it! I missed her singing "na na na ELMOS orld! ELMO ELMO ELMO" with the video camera tonight (she can't say "w" yet, is that normal?). Now normally I wouldn't just plop her in from of the TV, but since she's been sick, she is sort of plop-able. Poor little thing starts sitting up on the sofa and towards the end starts to lean really bad. She is on an antibiotic for the strep and benedryll for the spots which are clearing up really well. I am keeping her skin all greased up in the hopes she won't scratch and scar, her skin is prone to scaring it seems. When I give her the benedryll, she'll run around in circles for about 30 minutes then she'll be snoring on the floor. She was so pitiful at school today. I picked her u p early and instead of running around on the playground she was sitting on a little bench next to her teacher waving at cars going by (there was like one car every 10 minutes, was a big deal lol). You could just tell she wasn't running full speed. And boy was she the superstar getting picked up from the other side of the building at the playground. I rolled down the window so she could tell the others lined up at the fence bye bye and she was so smug about it lol.

Daycare is doing something I really like! They are taking pictures of all the kids every day and as a fund raiser, selling a $5 CD to parents. I will totally pay an extra $5 a month to have at least 20 pictures of Natalie at school when I can't see her. Knowing my little ham, there will be a lot more than 20 :)

Rose & Marie are proud owners of monkey costumes. I can totally see this in Natalie's future hehe

And check these out! New Croc boots, I love them (yes they are a little ugly but she'd love them. I need a deal!)

I am finally sleepy so bye for now!

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