Sunday, September 21, 2008


No, not on me (which happens quite a bit, darn allergies) they are on the baby!

Yesterday she had three small spots on her shoulder. By the evening she had a crescent shaped band of them across half her back. This morning they had spread to her feet and legs. She even had them in her belly button. So first thing, I thought ok here is the chicken pox that every kids gets eventually, it's just her time. So we go to the doc.

Listen to this, Scooter has strep and that caused eruptions! And if shes the type to erupt once, she'll continue to do it. The doctor today said her throat was a little red but it wouldn't hurt to swab it and see what it picked up. I really didn't think she was sick like that because she was so perky today. So now she is on antibiotic and benedryll for the spots. I have to keep them itch free so she won't pick at them. Poor thing.

Chugging juice. She was running a low fever and was drinking lots (as yes, I cropped the mess out of the picture!).

Dad's little shadow.

Getting ready to leave...Tickled that PaPaw put her in the seat not Mama (mama is old news).

4 seconds later

If your kid breaks out like this, it could be strep!

Aren't they awful? She has more everywhere except her face. They are even all over her scalp :(

Self portrait, she is very interested in my camera. I am going to get her a Fisher price one very soon.
Son, you got a panty on your head.

She left it on for 30 minutes and cackled the whole time.

Dancing in her undies in the middle of the mess she made. My kid is so skinny!

Bye for now!


iamwright said...

Ah.. that's so horrible. My kids break out all over their skin when they get strep, too.. I'm so sorry. Hope kiddo get's feeling better soon!

Angie said...

Bless her bones! Praying she's better quickly!