Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bargains Galore!

Well I managed to drop off 99 clothing items (crazy huh? yes I counted!) and several misc toys/blankets to the first consignment sale today. I managed to only buy three things at the presale too!

Our community yard sale is Oct 4th! I have so much to do in two weeks! Everyone loads up their covered parking space with all kinds of things. I am going to beg and borrow the neighbor's spot too and also use the uncovered spot next to it lol.

I am primed to take in the adult clothes on Sat too. You'd think that 200 pieces of clothing leaving my house would of made a dent...nope not a bit. I keep wondering where it all came from BUT a few months ago I was keeping a lot more stuff. Now? I'm keeping just a teeny tiny amount :)

I got to see the solid black boy kitten that I gave away yesterday! He's so pretty, he's an indoor spoiled kitten. He is getting really big and his fur is so shiny he practically glows in the dark. He's squishy and a little fat. I tell myself he remembered me (ok, I know he didn't remember me), but when I grabbed him by the scruff and laid him on my arm and petted his belly like I did when he was a kitten, he purred :) That's my boy!

New swim suit, the other one from the yard sale was too little. This was marked down to $3 at Dollar General if anyone needs one.

WAGON! She loves it, just $30 at the consignment sale. It retails for $75 on Amazon so I got a great deal. You can tell by the white wheels and logo, it is in really good condition. I pulled her around in the parking lot tonight, she had a lot of fun :)

This is the face I got when I begged her to smile!

Don't you love it when you buy something a year in advance and they fit at the right time? These were 75% off last year and I guessed the size and for ONCE I was right! Every baby girl needs pompom boots!
2 shirts, the top one is velour and was $2, the bottom one was $1 :) I think I picked out the two least expensive items there!
Look at how cute the dollar shirt is!

I saw my stuff mixed in with everyone else's and I was pretty happy with my quality and prices compared. If 10 is perfect, my worse stuff was a 5 and was priced half of everyone else's (the two tops I bought were an exception!). The bulk of my loot was a 7 at 3 prices and my 10's were like 5 prices (did you follow that?). I am hopeful that very little comes back to the house. But if it does, I'll just stick it in the yard sale for half off the marked price.

Someone is sitting on a ton of Citi stock that recovered nicely today (ok it's me! I am going to make a ton!....wait..did I just jinx myself?). Bye for now!

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