Monday, September 15, 2008

What did you have for dinner?

We had leftovers and beans = YUM YUM! :) (this is her "my mommy is a moron look)

then we had yogurt

and maybe this is why my camera only works part of the time - jab jab

Wookie is here in the condo with us now, that makes me happy. He stayed under the bed for about a week but now he is better. He mostly lives in our room and creeps out to say hi in the evenings. He of course sleeps on my head at night (sigh)

The bi-annual children's' consignment sale is this weekend, I have to drop off my stuff on Thursday. I hope to take 100 things; toys, movies, clothes, etc. Also, Saturday is my consignment for adult clothes drop off appointment. I can only take 75 things and I have 90 ready to go. Once I get my account set up with them I can drop off extras every Monday morning. I want to have it all there by the end of Oct.

THEN maybe I'll have enough free space at the house to really start tackling the junk. I have moved 75% of the things that will be sold to my house from here. I think I have missed the yard sale window for this year so I am going to price everything and split it into three piles; spring consignment, yard sale and craigs list. Normally Ebay would be in that mix but I feel like their fees are just too high. Maybe I'll have an indoor yardsale? Everything for sale - house too! :)

Had lots of fun on Friday in Knoxville!

Gas prices are at $4.09 here - eeck!

Carnival stock is really high right now for some reason, I'm not buying it. Why? Every time i buy it over 38.50 I get stuck with it for a long time! Broke down and got some Citi stock today as it tanked. I am optimistic that in the next 2 weeks it will recover $2 more than what I paid for it and I'll meet my goal. If I make 5% every month and roll it into the next month, I'll get to go into semi retirement when I am 38 (Oct 28, 2012!). I say semi because we'll need health insurance. But maybe I'll get a job where I help people. Anyway, I did over 10% for July and then again for August. I've only done 2% for Sept so far, so go Citi stock - go!

Bye for now!

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