Saturday, September 20, 2008

Money Money Money (and things I bought with that money)

(she is rushing the camera!)

It feels really weird..I have money again.

Bought Citi stock last week during all the lows, got it for 15.44 on average.

Sold it on Friday for 20.75.

I didn't get it at the low of 12ish or sell it at the high of 22ish but I am tickled.


Because I had a lot of it. Drumroll please...I have recovered my stock account and I am 9K ahead. Remember that at the low, I was 33K in the hole. Made me SICK! The Carnival rebounded and has been very steady for two months. Then the Citi thing just kind of happened. I still have a batch of stock that is 23K in the hole (blah!) that I can take as a tax deduction for 2009 after I use up my adoption credit this year.

What am I going to use it for? Why retirement phase one! High overview - don't work for corporate America anymore, but find a job with health insurance. Actually go to work and help people, make the world a better place.

They took 50 pieces this morning at the store (some were too light. I have to take them back in the spring) and I picked up several items from their dollar racks. After 90 days if you don't pick up your stuff the store keeps it and marks it $1. Note to self - don't forget to pick up my stuff! I got several things to resell. I got two black dresses that are designed for nursing, a motherhood cotton outfit in a 3x, a pair of gap jeans, motherhood khakis and a motherhood denim shirt. They all look brand new and they were just $1 (I can take maternity items to the kids sale in the spring).

I also got a nwt george rumba skirt, a CUTE limited two short floral skirt, a pair of gymboree cargo shorts, an adorable old navy baby hippie top, a pair of justice shorts, a gymboree beach hat, a gymboree beachy romper, and a Gap wrap around skirt. All this is too big for the baby or I'd keep it, so it's tagged and ready for the sale next spring too.

I got a super cute skirt that she can wear with a white tshirt. Too bad they didn't have any dollar things in my size (I am totally ok with used clothing for myself, I just rarely find it). At a yard sale on the way home I got her a old navy zip up jacket, an oshkosh skirt, the kind with stars on it (they had that whole star theme going awhile back) and a yellow summer top.
(the other three things are in the wash, I love taking pictures of baby loot!)

Also went back to the big baby consignment sale and things had thinned enough so you could see new stuff. I got the baby this cute blue hooded dress for winter that I'll probably put over jeans ($1.50!). I also got three bows from my favorite local bow maker, $4.10 for all three, it was buy two get one free day :)

And here it is, the best thing I got today! I spent 20 minutes scrubbing off the crayons and markers from the previous owner and that little stink took apink and green crayons and scribbled all over it lol. THIS is why I don't spend $50 (or even a $120 for a white set I was going to buy) for things she'll be using while holding crayons :) $5 :)

She also got a pair of used fake crocs in periwinkle for a buck, a new pair of hot pink fake crocs for $4 and REAL crocs too! Paid $30 for 2 pair and I have bids in on brown and dark pink mammoths.

So what did mama get? Zero zilch nada! How is that fair? :)

Bye for now!


Chani's Mama said...

Looks like you got lots of great stuff. Love the table and chairs!

Chani's Mama said...

Wow you got some really great stuff. Love the table and chairs.