Monday, September 08, 2008

Pee pee in the potty - woohhooo!

She shoots! She scores...err the potty that is!

Natalie's daycare has a little bathroom attached to the room. Since she is the smallest by 6+ months, all the other kids are in some sort of potty training mode. Her first week there, she could tell me when her diaper was dirty (handy and annoying all that the same time). All the other kids are daytime trained so I can see why they'd love to have her trained too. I spoke with them a little bit about it, not to force her but to see if she is interested. I know she is fascinated with the potty at home, so maybe it's time?

I went to the consignment store last week, check out my goodies for $9 plus tax...
For the cruise hee hee hee
For next summer, a little carters dress she'll wear with capris to protect her knees.
Old navy capris for now :)
Gymboree skirt for now too :)

She is so rough on her clothes that she didn't have enough to make it through our Dec trip. As is, I have to do a load of laundry on the ship, but at least now it's just one and not like three.

hehe check out the braid! She lets me fix her hair now, braids are my favorite. She is also holding her 33 cent giraffe "jerry". She carries him everywhere :)

Loving on jerry

Sleeping with her 33 cent Pottery Barn bear.

Cooked and assembled 148 meals for Meal on Wheels today in record time!

Ok that is it for now - bye!


Abby's Mom said...

She is so cute :)

chinamom said...

Yipeeeeeee! (no pun intended!!) for the potty! That was a monumental occasion in our house when Sophie did it - she's inconsistent with it but at least will sit when I ask her to.. Maybe when we get into the new house we will have a better schedule??

Jeannine and Sophie