Friday, August 29, 2008

Walgreens Deals & Last Weekend's Pictures

Walgreens has about $60 of freebies this month. Plus for tomorrow only, they have a $10 off of $40 coupon for in store use. Use it towards your freebies - in the end it's like $10 free :)

Click here for your coupon!

Pictures from last week's family reunion. Natalie apparently has a Chinese cousin who lives in Houston. From what I understand, I am connected to her mom by our great great great grandfather, Dr Shields (actually there might be 4 greats in there, I have to check the chart). That makes her like 142nd cousin? :)

Having fun on swings :)

Running around like a maniac.

Lovin on Bobo.
Sleeping with all her babies and her blue shoe.

We are all sick and will lay low for the weekend. I hope to work on the house this weekend assuming I can stand without puking!

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