Saturday, August 23, 2008

I need ideas for fundraising

Natalie's preschool is a not for profit. They run right on the edge of their budget because it is a small center, just 24 kids. They don't have huge classrooms of 4 year olds that many schools have (you are allowed to have a lot of kids per adult in a 4 year old room) and that hurts them money wise.

Now you know how cheap frugal I can be. I can see some room for improvement in their spending but it there isn't a lot to trim.

So I have have started fund raising for them with local businesses. Since they are not for profit and have a magic number people can give then stuff then write it off.

So far I've hit up one of our three Walmarts and I'll be getting a gift card in Sept. For how much, I don't know! I will do the other two next week. I figure with coupons off of Ebay and price matching, I'll be able to stretch my Walmart purchases pretty well!

I also plan to hit up some local grocery stores for breakfast and snack foods.

Does anyone have ideas on how we could raise more money without be annoying - like selling crap from a catalog? Anyone want to give me a bunch of money? lol

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