Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fairest of the Fair

Nope, I didn't enter her...but I might next year! I can see it now, frilly dress, shiny shoes. She'd walk up to the mic and announce to the crowd... I POOPED!

We went to the fair today for a whole 90 minutes! It was free admission if you got there between 10-11. We had to pay $3 for parking, $6 for crappy corndogs and $5 for skeeball, but really, that is a bargain when it comes to fair stuff!

I've not been to the fair since I was like 9. A lot has changed. I know a big part of it is being ruined with places like Disney. It was dirty and stinky!

Scooter rode three rides and I hung on the edge of the gate and waved like a maniac. She gave me her standard "who are you? why are you so stupid?" look. I get that a lot.

I am rather fond of this picture, it was taken before the ride started. She did NOT like this one!

She really liked this ride. It didn't do anything but go in circles!

Check out her seat mate, isn't he cute? Weighed more than Natalie too!

Stinky sheep.

Curious cow! This place was like a mine field. They had the cows situated so you walked through two rows of them with their butts facing you. Yikes!
A little bit of cow snuggling.

Bye for now!

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