Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bargains :)

I've not bought much in the last few weeks. One, I am trying to use up what Dad and I already have stockpiled. Two, I've not had a lot of opportunity. Weekends are spent cleaning and organizing now, not much time is left for fun stuff like TJ Maxx!

I went to the church's rummage sale a couple of weeks ago and scored a pony! I got there late and out in the rain was Natalie's favorite pony from daycare #1. I don't think they make them anymore, so I was pretty happy. It lost some of it's stickers because of the rain, but it rocks just dandy. $2 - woohoo!

The second good deal was yesterday. We have a local consignment shop that has weird clothes. They either have brand new high end stuff or ratty nasty walmart clothes with stains. They were running a special on summer stuff, half off. I got a like new baby gap denim dress and a like new baby gap white crinkle with crochetted accents type dress. They are both adorable on her. The denim one was marked down to $5. I normally don't spend that on used clothes but this did look brand new. The white dress was $6, same reasons as before. I also got scooter a cute pink button up carters shirt for $1.50. So all in all, a good deal but boy did I have to dig through junk to find it!

I guess that is it for now. Here is the baby on her pony from this morning, she is wearing the denim dress too :)

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Carl said...

She is growing up fast!