Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walgreens Deals

I've not posted deals in a long time. I knew Walgreens had plastic cultery on sale this week so I picked up an Easysaver book too. This month you can get free after rebate...
a bottle of Organic shampoo or conditioner
a bottle of 2-1 pert plus
a container of jane mineral makeup (which sucks) or one of the fluffy brushes (much better)
a water pitcher filter
a 4 pack of light bulbs
a 2 pack of space bags (ideal for travel to China!)
a big vacume space bag (all my stores are out of stock of this blah! It is the type you use your vacume cleaner atttachment on)
and they have $4 off a small appliance.

I got the water pitcher (the kind with the filter doohickey) for $10 with a $4 rebate. I got the replacement filter too. These are going to my Mom for one of her little Christmas presents, her water is very hard. My brother will get the lightbulbs and maybe the pert if I don't like it. My Mom will get the make up brush too. The organic shampoo smells great! It's mine! :) I'll use the travel bags for the Dec cruise too.

I like Walgreens rebates because I can enter them online. It is low stress, only one set of freebies a month (unlike CVS which is high stress, too many deals too little time!).

Some Walgreens also have their beach type stuff 75% off. I got a pair of cheap flops for 50 cents and two fancier pair for $2 each. The baby got a floating ring for $3something.

With the $5 off of $20 coupons and the $5 register reward Dad had, we walked out with bags of stuff for $7 after all the rebates. Yipppeee!

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